Our Team

Nice to see you! My name is Stanislav and I am the director of mc2.studio for 6 years.

I'm Katy! It's a pleasure to see you. I'm an architect and make outstanding interiors!

Hi, I'm Anri. I conquer creative tasks and 3D visualization for you!

I'm Denis, an art-director. My task is to ensure absolute quality. I also drink lots of coffee.

I'm Masha. I create unbelievable exterior visualization.

Hola! I'm Antonio. I'm a 3D artist and love doughnuts!

Hi! I'm Mary and I'm the most important team member - an accountant!

Hail the Empire! I'm Darth Vader and I'm your father!

Hi! I'm Genus Harebides. I'm the manager and make sure your projects are on time!


3DS Max

V-Ray Render

Corona Render




After Effects

What do we do?

We provide 3D architectural visualization and 3D architectural animation rendering services. A little bit of 3D object animation. If the project demands we can make our design or help with your design in general. We do not do gamedev or FX. We really love our job and also coffee with doughnuts.


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